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Tea Estates

SSK Exports produces one of the finest quality of tea in its BOISAHABI TEA ESTATE. The tea estate is located on the Southern banks of Brahmaputra river, sprawls over a lush 1000 hectares. In the distance to the South-East mountains rise up from the verdant plains. And just over those mountains is the mystic Myanmar. perfect setting for yielding the legendary Assam tea - characterized by rich, full bodied and bright liquor from attractive dark brown leaves with large golden tips. Boisahabi's beautiful gardens, first planned by the Scots are more than a century old. This tea estate accounts for over 2 million kgs of Orthodox and CTC teas now.

  • Boisahabi is a rain fores ttea garden and its ETP certified garden
  • The production at Boisahabi tea estate is from March to December
  • The First Flush (March-April) produces light liquors with the fresh aroma of spring from blackish leaf.
  • The Second Flush (May-June) produces the famous "tippy" so termed due to the appearance of black tea with gold tips - known for strong, pungent, sweet and malty-tasting clear dark red liquor with a pronounced aroma.
  • The Monsoon Flush (Jult - September) produces blackish leaf with some golden tips. The liquor has a touch of the earthy smell of the Indian monsoon.
  • The Autumnal Flush (October - December) is known for its coppery liquor with a distinctive autumnal flavor.
  • The rich robust flavor of Boisahabi's produce is the true definition of a full boiled tea. Offering excellent strength of cup and a taste that sets it apart as one of the finest black teas in the world.
  • In 1997, the pioneers at SSK exports moved to the North-East and acquired gardens on the bank of the Brahmaputra, and then Cachar, Dooars and Darjeeling.
  • Boisahabi operates under strict and uncompromising quality control parameters with a strong focus on hygiene, sanitation and WHO compliant regulated pesticide usage.
  • Boisahabi also implements a rigorous fresh water conservation and re-afforestation programme as the forerunners are exceptionally environmental conscious.
  • Its a chemical free garden wit hno use of chemicals and pesticides
  • Boisahabi practices holistic human resource management with houses, medicare and schooling facilities for workers and their families.

The Boisahabi tea brews up malty and sweet tase with a level of complexity that is uncharacteristic of most Assam Teas.