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SSK Exports has an illustrious history of over 100 years which dates back to the times of Sheo Prasad and Mr. Surendra Kumar who firmly believed that quality tea is never an accident but the result of sincere effort and skillful execution. Carrying forward this rich lineage Mr. Anup Kumar heads SSK Exports in the present times with over 40 years of enriched experience in the field. The company today is a vibrant organization with an understanding of tea honed over generations. It belongs to a planter family with its roots in Dehradun and is amongst the leading tea exporters from India having North and South India operations.

With its base in Kolkata, the company offers a wide selection of the finest teas produced in the world. The infectious enthusiasm to succeed coupled with modern production facility, exceptional product knowledge and expertise of our tea tasters have enabled the company to be a prominent player in the tea industry. The company is engaged in supplying all kind of CTC, Orthodox, Darjeeling and Nilgiri variety. We have a state of art Machine Blending units in Kolkata and Coimbatore which has fully mechanized online blending system and takes care of moisture, iron particle, fibre, destone and mould content in the tea. Today the company is an undisputed supplier of tea globally.

SSK Exports is fully certified Company - a part of Rain Forest Alliance, both for Boisahabi & Supply Chain of Custody. We are also ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP Certified.

The company is managed by experienced and technically qualified people who provide wide spectrum of services to meet the exact requirements of its esteemed customers. Right from the procurement of raw material to the delivery of finest products the company practices a culture which spells quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness.