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SSK Exports is committed to expand its wings and grow its business in a socially responsible manner by taking enough measures to prove itself as a corporate socially responsible citizen. The company approaches CSR strategically to ensure a sustainable future for society. It aims to take initiatives and bring about positive social change through job creation, innovation, and community. The forerunners of the company makes a strenuous effort to integrate its long term economic, environmental and social dimensions into the way it successfully operates its business.

The CSR policy of the company is stated as below:

  • To make considerable investments to benefit the weaker section of the society embracing everything from health and education to women empowerment and more
  • To directly or indirectly participate in programs that benefits the community and helps in enhancing the quality of life and economic well being of the local populace
  • To provide personal and career development opportunities to all the employees of the company which can contribute to the self growth and advancement
  • To make a proactive approach to conduct its business in a way so as to protect the global environment. The company aims to develop the culture of resource conservation and pollution prevention