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Bulk Tea

CTC and Orthodox teas from the Dooars, Darjeeling and Assam gardens are sold in bulk form packed in paper sacks, jute bags or tea chests. The quality and popularity of teas are reflected in the prices realized which rank amongst the top in the Industry.

The marketing channels used for bulk teas include the Public auction System, private and consignment sales, Exports and Direct Sales either in original or blended form.

Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling is a climatic hill resort in the north of India and it is also the region where the most exquisite teas are grown. Quality buyers from Japan, Europe and the USA keenly compete for these teas.

Assam Tea

Assam teas appeal to tea connoisseurs who prefer full-bodied, malty and tangy teas enjoyed with perhaps sugar crystals and cream. The golden tip present in Assam tea lessens the astringent characteristic of the tea making it sweet and smooth. Assam Tea have built up international reputations and are very popular with quality buyers from Germany, UK and the Middle East markets.

Similarly, the finest CTCs are produced here which are renowned for their gutty, bright liquors and attract buyers of premium tea in India and abroad.

Dooars Tea

Tea gardens in the Dooars have created a niche for themselves with their full bodied CTC liquors and are strongly competed for. In Dooars excellent quality teas are harvested the whole year round, since here the monsoon plays only a minor role.

Nilgiris Tea

The unique climatic conditions and stark topography of the area create the special environment which results in the Nilgiris producing a truly unique tea, fragrant with good body and a superlative flavour.